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Fundraisers :: SUPERSONIC CAR WASH - Home of the Free Vacuum! Leave your quarters at home!


SuperSonic Car Wash is locally owned and operated. Since opening our first location in 2006, we have partnered with several community organizations to raise much needed money for worthy causes.

Listed below are a few of those organizations:

  • Brooks High Athletics Boosters
  • Florence Middle School
  • Rogers High School F.F.A.
  • Florence High School 
  • Colbert County HS Girls Basketball

Who Qualifies:

  • Schools
  • Local Service Clubs
  • Any non-profit organization

How it Works:

        SuperSonic Car Wash supplies your organization with “high security” car wash tokens. Your organization sells each token for $8 and keeps $4 from each sale. Tokens may be redeemed at our Florence or Muscle Shoals locations.
  • Raise much needed cash quickly by selling a product that people can use at their convenience (unlike items such as greeting cards, wrapping paper,etc.)
  • No order taking or time consuming deliveries (you won’t waste time or gas delivering products all over town)
  • Individuals purchasing these tokens receive something of real value to them. Everyone washes their car, not everyone eats oversized candy bars or caramel popcorn.
  • You don’t have to spend your beautiful Saturday helping your children wash cars in the parking lot of a fast food establishment. More importantly, you don’t have the safety concerns that go along with having children in these high traffic areas.
  • Unlike car washes held in parking lots, all soaps and chemicals used at Supersonic car wash are properly contained and prevented from entering our lakes and streams.
  • Tokens must be sold for face value
  • Tokens may not be sold on site at either location of Supersonic car wash.
  • Each organization is limited to one sale per year.
  • SuperSonic Car Wash reserves the right to refuse this program to any organization.
 Getting Started: 
  1. Call us at 256-766-2726
  2. A letter from your organization’s President authorizing you to run the fundraiser on behalf of the organization is required. This letter must be on the organization’s letter head and include the organization’s not for profit tax ID number.
  3. A representative of SuperSonic Car Wash will contact you within one week to discuss your particular fundraiser.